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Monday, April 18, 2005
tin girl 101

yup. it's my birthday and this post is all about me (don't complain). i've much to tell... let's see... the biggest birthday surprise dinner, spending my birthday weekend on the beach with the whole g-clan, celebrating my birthday day on the beach... but all that kwento will have to wait.

for now, this...

1.   it doesn't matter how common my name is or how girly it sounds, i still love it.
2.   i'm the eldest of five ~ 3 brothers and a sister. we have 3 dogs, a mynah, 2 fortune lobsters and several fish.
3.   i don't think fish are pets... they're more like house decor.
4.   i consider myself ordinary but not an ordinary girl. you'll get why if you read the whole list.
5.   i have a weird fascination with
this.... i don't know why. it's the first thing i look at in a car. i personally call them 'bling-blings'. i lurv spinners.
6.   i prefer watching horror, action, adventure, sci-fi movies over romantic, mushy, love story, girly flicks.
7.   if i were to choose between a roomful of mice and another of roaches, i'd choose little stewarts anytime.
8.   i don't listen to lovesongs ~ even when i was in-love.
9.   i have a fascination with the scary, weird, the unnatural, and bizarre.
10. i'm a jack of all trades but a master of none.
11. i play games and sports for fun... i hate competition.
12. i would try anything once ~ as long as it is within my moral standards.
13. my handwriting is crappy.
14. can type really fast, without looking at the keyboard.
15. i'm a righty. but i can write with my left hand. i can write from right to left. i can write words backwards and upside-down.
16. when given math problems, my brain shuts down indefinitely.
17. i know how to play a banduria and a lyre. i used to be a part of a church rondalla.
18. i don't dress my age. i'm always in jeans, shirt and sneakers.
19.  i don't tell my friends i love them, i show it.
20. i like to drive fast but i park like sh*t.
21. i love watching wrestling.
wwe for me is like lovers in paris for other people ~ it's my soap opera-fix.
22. i'm a chocolate junkie. dark chocolate is the best. liquor-filled dark chocolate is the bestest.
23. i can sleep anywhere and without any pillow. i just need a blanket.
24. i love tildas (~). i use it when i don't know what punctuation mark to put in my statement.
25. i'm an o.c. sometimes...  sometimes i'm not.
26. i'm not a regular coffee drinker. and when i drink coffee, it's usually cold.
27. i'm a shy person. seriously.
28. but i love taking, posting, and posing for pictures. go figure.
29. wanna know a secret? i can't swim.
30. but i don't have any fear of snorkeling in the sea 25 feet (or so) deep.
31. i love, love, absolutely love the beach.
32. i am maangas when i'm in public alone.
33. a close friend got intimidated when she saw me alone in the mall. she didn't even dare say 'hi'.
34. i love gadgets but i'm no techie. i have an adviser for that. right,
35. i love lemon, lime and citrus scents. yeah, the usual scent of cleaners.
36. i'm not afraid of dying... it's how i die that i'm more concerned of.
37. i'm the type of person who takes up a hobby / sport, gets engrossed with it for months, gets tired with it, stops, and takes up another one ~ just like my dad.
38. in h.s., i rode my racerbike from bicutan to cavite, ate breakfast in mcdo, then went back home.
39. i like the smell of rugby.... and gasoline. ~ i'm an addict, so sue me.
40. my family is my highest priority.
41. i value my friends ~ old and new.
42. i make it a point to meet my friends at least once every 3 months, even just for coffee. i just have to see them.
43. some friends consider me as the official event organizer. but i can't quit my dayjob for that.
44. i love giving surprise parties. i rack my brain thinking of a great surprise strategy all the time. it's a science.
45. i tried smoking in h.s., never got anything from it. never tried again.
46. i'm allergic to alcohol. i get red and itchy all over. i still drink though.
47. i got drunk only once. it was one of my most embarrasing moments. it'll never happen again. swear.
48. my height is 5'7" and my weight is none of your business.
49. i studied in
GIA in CA for 7 months.
50. 7 months of absolute freedom. i never abused it. honest.
51. i only cried for 5 minutes when my bf of 8 years dumped me for another girl. i never cried about it again after that. crying makes me really tired.
52. i'm not emotional. i only know of 2 emotions ~ one is happy. the other one, crazy.
53. close friends call me 'bato'.
54. i never blamed God for the problems i encounter. heck, i don't even consider them as problems. i call them 'test of character'.
55. and so far, i think i'm passing.
56. i'm an optimist.
57. my personal space is very important to me. don't touch me or even come near me if we're not close friends.
58. i find myself near moshpits in rock concerts... it's probably something like a moth to a flame thing.
59. i enjoy d.i.y. shops and hardwares. i have no problem when guy friends ask me to go with them to buy something in ace, truevalue, or handyman. 
60. call me miss fix-it. i can work with hammers, saws, drills, and powertools.
61. my eyes are very sensitive to light.
62. i wear contact lens. it almost gave me corneal ulcer. there was a time when opening my eyes would feel like light was burning through them. i was blind for one week.
63. my dream job is to work in discovery channel, any travel-docu show or animal planet.
64. the most difficult household chore for me is ironing.
65. i love accessories.
66. i wear an ankh around my neck. it's an egyptian symbol of life. it's also the sigil of death.
67. you will not get pogi points if you are not articulate, have bad diction and use the wrong grammar... even if you look like
ryan reynolds in blade trinity. no. wait. on second thought, if you have ryan reynold's body in blade trinity, you automatically get 20 pogi points.
68. but you should be smart.
69. it takes me 3 hours to gain 5 pounds, 2 weeks to lose it.
70. archeologist, assasin, carpenter, doctor, movie director, designer, crime scene investigator and professional racecar driver are just some of the things i wanted to be at one point in time. 
71. i multi-task.
72. i talk to my dogs.... in english. 
tim burton is a god. i absolutely luuurv beetlejuice, edward scissorhands and nightmare before christmas.
74. i always wear a wrist cuff / band ~ just because.
75. i'm a starwars fanatic.
76. i'm an impatient person. i hate waiting in queues. and i hate crowds too... especially in restrooms.
77. that's why i know several restrooms in glorietta that people don't frequent.
78. i've always had long hair.
79. it's difficult for me to be serious all the time.
80. i'd remember friends' birthdays 2 days before the day. then i'd forget to greet them on the day itself.
81. i hate driving. it turns me into my evul tin.
82. in college, i didn't wear uniform. i made up excuses everyday just so the guards would let me in the school grounds.
83. i want to try duathlon.
84. suicide was, is, and never will be an option for me.
85. i love myself too much.
86. i'm into
the endless / sandman. and i don't like it when people call it comics. it's called graphic novel.
87. i don't have one favorite color, i have several ~ army green, crimson, blackest black, and midnight blue.
88. i once ate 6 baluts in one sitting. it wasn't on a dare. i just luuurv sisiw. yum.
89. i feel such a geek sometimes.
90. i took up tennis because i like the sound the ball makes when it hits the racket.
91. it's very very difficult for me to wear a skirt.
92. i haven't climbed a mountain in ages. 
93. i'm a queen on my birthdays.... and i celebrate it on the beach.
94. caffeine does not have any effect on me.
95. i'm an
aries. aries are independent, dynamic, impulsive, domineering, adventurous,intolerant, hasty and arrogant ~ close enough.
96. born in the year of the dragon. we are known to be full of energy and appear to have magical traits. we are also full of pride but quick to forgive. we are quick-tempered. now this is true.
97. i'm specifically a
fire dragon ~ a powerful force to be reckoned with. hah!
98. i took up boxing. i backride on motorcycles on out-of-town trips. i watch wwe and formula 1. i frequent true-value and ace hardware. i don't wear skirts. i'm not emotional. i don't watch romantic movies ~ but i'm no tomboy. 
99. i have a wound in my heart but it's slowly healing, thank you very much.
100. i'm enjoying life so far.
101. today is my birthday.

Posted at 12:49 am by chocol8junkie

April 19, 2005   11:27 AM PDT
Happy Birthday, tin.

I wasnt able to make my own birthday list, so here it is.

1.I like pudding.
2.I like pudding.
3.I like pudding.
4.I like pudding.
5.I like pudding.
6.cheese makes me lactose intolerant. But I eat it anyway. I am not offended by the smell of my own fart.
7. did i say i like pudding?
April 19, 2005   12:43 PM PDT
hahhahahaha! thanks, rocketboy! ever tasted pudding? try it... you'll probabaly like it.
April 19, 2005   07:19 PM PDT
Im sure you had a blast on your weeklong bday celebration. Again, Hapi Bday! :)
April 19, 2005   07:53 PM PDT
hope u had a great time on ur bday. i read this entire post n its really interesting, although item number 27 is quite hard to believe. LOL. oh well have a great year ahead tin!
April 19, 2005   11:24 PM PDT
tina: yup... i'm still having fun, actually. and it's a day after my birthday!

aMgiNe: hehehehe. i really am. i'm only loud when i'm with family, friends and people i'm comfortable with. thanks!!!
April 21, 2005   11:49 AM PDT
Wrong! The Sandman books are trade paperbacks. They're simply compilations of the Sandman comic book issues. So, in essence, they are comic books. Graphic novels are different. Those are the ones that were published in book format (whether soft or hardcover) right from the get-go :P
May 8, 2005   03:40 PM PDT
orbital: fine.. yes, they are comic books....

i'm just oc about it. so they're 'graphic novels', ayt?


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