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Saturday, May 28, 2005
20 questions

ever heard of a photographic interview?

i found
this while bloghopping (sorry, i forgot to take note of the blog!). since i have nothing better to do on a saturday, i jumped in the project. the interview had 20 questions and instead of answering them with words, you answer them with pictures and images.

it wasn't easy... but it's fun. you can be creative and go crazy with it. you can put a whole photograph after each question. as usual, i made mine collage-type. it took the whole morning for me to come up with mine...

go on, introduce yourself to the world.

edit: can't find the interview questions anymore so here they are

one. who am i?
two. who knows me best?
three. how old am i? (or how old do i feel?)
four. the most important thing in my life is
five. i always carry
six. something i always do
seven. i’m at my happiest when
eight. on a monday morning, you can find me
nine. my favourite mode of transport
ten. my eyes are
eleven. my favourite material posession
twelve. to relax, i like to
thirteen. the town i live in is
fourteen. my worst habit
fifteen. my guilty pleasure
sixteen. when i look at someone, the first thing i see is
seventeen. i think is beautiful
eighteen. one thing i can live without
nineteen. one thing people don’t know about me
twenty. my life is

Posted at 04:22 pm by chocol8junkie

May 29, 2005   12:25 AM PDT
Picture number 13. You live in the park?

Well, I live in a shoebox. Beat that! :-D
May 29, 2005   05:15 AM PDT
Picture number 2. Last day in Megamall? :(
May 29, 2005   12:03 PM PDT
meatmarket: #13: my town has only 2 kids in it.

billybob: yes. last picture too.
May 30, 2005   10:32 AM PDT
#11: that one i so know abt you. :D plus # 7 ;)

this is cool tin. Sige, I'll do this one of these days.
May 30, 2005   05:14 PM PDT
hey tin. this looks fun but i take it it's a lot of work. :) nice smile by the way. :)

May 30, 2005   07:11 PM PDT
wow! ang kyut ng picture 3 hehehe..:)
May 30, 2005   08:53 PM PDT
May 31, 2005   11:34 AM PDT
nikki: yeah... i had to dig around for old pics but its fun making it so i recommend that you create yours.

ish: of course! hehehehehe. =P

metiza: thanks!
May 31, 2005   11:22 PM PDT
hey tin! wow! nice! I'll do one tonight.. hehe.. Same tayo wid #3 and #14.. hehehe...
June 1, 2005   10:55 AM PDT
myrrh: no one can resist a good chocolate cake!
June 1, 2005   12:28 PM PDT
si Sadako nasa #1!
June 5, 2005   04:12 PM PDT
billybob: hah! speaking of... ang daming lumalabas na asian horror movies... too bad you're not here to watch them with me. i feel really brave when i watch horror films with you... coz you're the first one who jumps off the seat in those scary scenes. hehehehehe. :P peace!!!
June 11, 2005   05:12 AM PDT
astig a! :)
June 26, 2005   01:48 PM PDT
wow this is interesting...i just might try it!!!

thanks for stopping by my blog!

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