Entry: it's august already? Thursday, August 07, 2014

fast forward to today.

  • the penoy is in grade 1 ~ big school. and rides a school bus!
  • i'm still working for BT with a schedule of (supposedly) 3am.
  • the bitoy, on the other hand, is in senior nursery. super kulit and bibo.
  • we got a new dog. 2 months old. a girl, we named her mocha.
  • stopped my 4-minute workout when school started and started gaining weight. #balikalindogprogram fail. boo.
  • not actively selling online anymore. but i have plans of starting all over again. *sigh*
  • the husband is still cutting bottles and have completed a set of order from a badass diving resort in batangas.
  • a colleague / friend of mine passed away. drove all the way to quezon for the wake.
  • saw a nightmare. overcame a fear. conquered the devil.
  • got my hair some highlights. gawd, haven't done that in years!!! loving it right now.
  • been a little busy experimenting in the kitchen. i've been making blueberry cheesecake and now trying out banoffee pie. it's in the ref, chilling, as i type.
  • the bitoy had an under the sea-themed birthday so we went to ocean adventure in subic to celebrate. no party this year, just a small celebration with family.
  • the penoy had a chinese-themed birthday. instead of a party, we celebrated with a staycation at la breza hotel in qc.
  • completed the kids' chore chart and installed a 'command center' in the office.
  • busy busy busy days. yes, that's my excuse for being away for a looooong time.


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