Entry: the neverending thirst for knowledge Sunday, September 28, 2014

they say, learning doesn't end when school does. i believe that it's a necessity to keep on learning new things and developing new skills. if not, living would be boring ~ senseless ~ bleh.

lucky for us, there is the internet and youtube tutorial videos to help us learn stuff we're interested in. in high school, i learned how to apply makeup by myself through magazines. i attended my graduation ball with makeup i did on myself. and it looked better than the prom makeup i got from a well-known salon! now, there are hundreds of makeup tutorials available online, and they're free! there are also many makeup seminars now. i was able to attend one last year when a friend hosted one. it was a delightful seminar filled with lovely women interested in honing their makeup skills.

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i've attended various other workshops and seminars ~ from acting to screenprinting to work-related ones such as the six sigma and other certification workshops. i would love to attend more trainings and classes however these usually require fees ~ something that i can't easily afford at this time.

i am fortunate to have several seminar/training schedules for october. there's this quality control training for work (oh yeah! i'm back in quality!). then there's this follow up seminar for parents in 'the big school'. i'm beginning to really like 'the big school' as it apparently has free seminars for parents on how to help their children do better in school and develop good habits. in fact, i attended the 1st seminar last saturday ~ but that's for another post. and then there's this seminar that's got me pretty excited. i got to be invited to a calligraphy workshop ~ for free! a friend who's working in singapore signed up for a workshop when she was scheduled to come over to manila, however, due to unforeseen events, she won't be able to make it and gave me her slot. she remembered that i once expressed interest in calligraphy on fb. so yay!

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