Entry: ink scribbler calligraphy workshop Saturday, October 04, 2014

i was lucky to be given the opportunity to attend a calligraphy workshop today for free. yup, for free. thanks, lolit. i can't say that i have zero experience in calligraphy. i tried a little calligraphy back in college, but i just went as far as buying a calligraphy pen and that's it. i just like how the pen slanted which makes my handwriting calligraphy-ish.

so why calligraphy? i dunno... maybe seeing those nice inspirational quotes in instagram made me more interested in it. haha! besides, it's a nice skill to know, don't you think? maybe, just maybe, if i get really good at it, i could offer my services as a calligrapher. i heard they get paid well.

my workshop was scheduled on a saturday ~ in pasig. so i woke up early and hauled my ass to drive on edsa. good thing there was no traffic and i easily found the place (considering it's in an unfamiliar place and that i'm bad with directions). i even had 15 minutes to spare. hah!

so it was held in red panda bistro, in kapitolyo, pasig.

 photo SAM_0608_zps8cf6da1c.jpg

there i met alexis. she's one of the people behind ink scribbler. and this is what welcomed me on the table.

 photo SAM_0602_zpsd0ce0499.jpg

 photo SAM_0600_zpse15d35b7.jpg

so there's the worksheets, nib, ink, nib holders, pencils, cotton buds, tissue, wet wipes.

when we were all complete, alexis started teaching the basics ~ the history, materials, tips, etc.

 photo SAM_0612_zps655a6eb1.jpg

 photo SAM_0609_zps1d66c9b2.jpg

then we started with exercises. pencil work first, then when we were used to the strokes (light strokes up, heavy strokes down), we started using the calligraphy pens. wild! i was scared in the beginning but got hang of it eventually.

 photo SAM_0615_zpsded9317e.jpg

then we had snacks! yum. pizza and bruschetta. at first nobody wanted to eat because we were all busy with our exercises. but eventually, we did eat. i didn't know calligraphy could get me hungry (then again, i'm always hungry!). haha!

 photo SAM_0613_zps62e902d2.jpg

oh, and they were selling calligraphy stuff too, mostly nibs and holders, some inks, plastic containers for the nibs, etc. they're all available at the craft central.

 photo SAM_0605_zps7bc54558.jpg

i kinda suck at it, me thinks. i've created a totally new font of my own! haha! but it was a fun class. yay for the opportunity.

 photo SAM_0616_zps3abed631.jpg

 photo SAM_0617_zpsa81fbf64.jpg

interested? check out ink scribbler for future workshops and the craft central for materials. and search for #scribbleworkshop for lovely workshop photos.


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