Entry: 40 is the new 20 Tuesday, March 08, 2016

and so here i am again. blogging. sort of.

this is actually just to document this fitness program i'm on right now. but just a backgrounder, i'm turning 40 this year. yes, 4-0. with that, i had realizations ~ one of which was that i would like to see my children grow up. being a work-at-home mom without a helper, i don't have time to workout and really take care of myself. i do work and chores, and when i'm not, i'm too tired to do anything else. now that i'm almost 40, i realized that i NEED to take care of myself more if i want to live a full life.

for starters, i developed a skin care regimen. up until now, i've been using soap (safeguard pa ha!) to wash my face. just soap (what can i say, i'm a super low-maintenance girl). now, i have all sorts of beauty stuff, from cleansing oils to face foams to pore brushes. i also do facial masks and mud packs weekly. it takes a little more of my time, but i'm pleased with the results, so i will be maintaining my daily beauty ritual. no more (safeguard) soap on my face.

my next course of action is to get fit. i remember trying to get into this workout program called p90x with my brother last year. it was such a killer workout! it worked for him. me, i quit just 2 weeks into the program. i've tried zumba, nope. i've tried hitt, nope. i've tried 21-day fix, still no. i quit each and every time. then, i haven't realized the real need to get fit.

i started walking. i find an excuse to go out of the house ~ to the talipapa usually, to buy veggies for dinner. then i came across this program called the 3-day military diet. i'm trying it out because, hey, it's just for 3 days. and it promises a weight loss of 10 lbs in a matter of 3 days. how hard could that be?

very. i'm on the 2nd day of the military diet and it's killing me! it takes a loooot of self-discipline!

showing you my meals yesterday:

 photo IMG_20160307_071659_zpscwottg0j.jpg
day 1 breakfast - 1/2 grapefruit, 1 slice toast, 2 tbsp peanut butter and black coffee

 photo IMG_20160307_122926_zps2vuy0rhy.jpg
day 1 lunch - 1 cup tuna, 1 slice toast, green tea

 photo IMG_20160307_185733_zps6jszlx73.jpg
day 1 dinner - small grilled chicken breast, 1 cup baguio beans, 1 apple (it says small lang but i had a big one so i cut it in half) not in picture: 1 cup of vanilla ice cream

pathetic no? felt pathetic din. i was hungry the whole day ~ i was shaking a little (diabetes?). i couldn't wait for the day to end. i was expecting to be very weak, lethargic, dead. but the surprising thing is, no, shocking thing even, i had the energy to do the laundry AND do a 20-minute walk! how is that even possible? and the bonus part ~ i didn't take a nap and i was fine until the late part of the night. whut???

is this some kind of sorcery? haha! and so i survived day 1.


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