Entry: i survived 3 days Thursday, March 10, 2016

i'm here! i'm alive! i survived.

yesterday was the 3rd day and last day of my military diet. i think the last day of the program had the most miserable meals. yet, it was the easiest for me. i thought of food less, the urge to snack was less, and i wasn't as weak or as hungry or as shaking as the first two. i was a breeze, in fact.

the breakfast and lunch went by smoothly. we had dinner, however, with balikbayans on my husband's side of the family that i can't say no to. they had spaghetti, pansit, lechon manok, and a lot more i can't recall (because i had to avoid ogling). and let me tell you: i. did. not. eat. at. all. not even one bite. my mom-in-law (and all the rest, actually) asked me to eat. luckily, i was able to control myself and made myself busy by making sure that my chickadees ate.

when i got home at 9pm, i wasn't feeling super hungry. i was hungry, yes, but not starving. i ate my day 3 dinner at around 10:30pm, i think (by that time, i was starving so i wasn't able to take a picture *toink*).

without further adieu, my day 3 meals:

 photo IMG_20160309_084022_zps3ibkdd4y.jpg
day 3 breakfast - 5 crackers, 1 slice cheddar cheese and 1 small apple

 photo IMG_20160309_131948_zpskirott5c.jpg
day 3 lunch - 1 slice of toast and 1 egg

 photo IMG_20160309_132100_zpsztztbgon.jpg
this ISN'T day 3 dinner. this is day 3 lunch, but since day 3 lunch was really really ugh, pathetic, i just HAD to present it this way ~ with some salt and pepper. PLUS, i wasn't able to take a picture of my day 3 dinner because i was soooo hangry.

and now it's over. done with.

the verdict? ok, i lost *drumroll please* a measly 4 pounds. not much right? but i'll take it anytime!

i may not have lost 10 lbs. heck, far from it, but the program definitely helped me realize some aspects of myself.

discipline and self-control - i didn't know that i had it in me. i used to give up a lot with other programs. maybe i stuck this out because it was just for 3 days, i dunno.

eating smaller amounts - i thought i'd be craving for sweet treats and fatty food when the program is over, but i didn't. i definitely ate more than the meals in the program but i didn't eat rice or a lot of bread. i actually just ate 1 slice of toast, 2 hotdogs and an omelette. for lunch today, i had 5 pieces of crackers, cottage cheese and a small amount of tapa for protein. i also had 2 pcs of dark chocolate cookie and 2 pcs of pringles in between meals. not much, right?

savoring food - i also learned to savor my food. i ate slow and enjoyed every bite.

so will i do it again? definitely! i do think though that i won't be able to survive the program without the ice cream and hotdogs. the program called for cheat days in between so that's i'm gonna do.... until further notice. :)


September 25, 2016   01:51 AM PDT

You can view how the military diet works here. https://www.thenutritionalsource.com/4-day-military-diet-menu-review-explained/ I was excited to read your post!

Been doing tons of research on it.

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