mj » i love your chore chart buttons im trying to make one for my little one and I was hoping you might still have them and that you would want to share it just to save some time and frustration
mj » i love your chore chart buttons im trying to make one for my little one and I was hoping you might still have them and that you would want to share it just to save some time and frustration
Game Poker Online » "must say that overall I am really impressed with this blog. It is easy to see that you are passionate about your writing. If only I had your writing ability I look forward to more updates and will be
~tin~ » cris! thanks! yep, not as active as before but blogging still. i see you are too. how are you?
cristeta kalabasa » waaah! buhay pa pala tong site na to. ur kids are beautiful! say hi to ron 4 me.
cristeta kalabasa » waaah! buhay pa pala tong site na to. ur kids are beautiful! say hi to ron 4 me.
~tin~ » test
~vin~ » My, much has changed. You're a mom! Hello!
~tin~ » thanks, corina!
Corina M. » Hi! I got hooked to your blog. I hope you don't mind if i went through archives. Such a triumphant life story.
~tin~ » huy, pamel! kmusta ka na?!
pamelicious » hey buntit...i lurve ur blog...
surrealist » just dropping by.
theWylmeister » Here's one way to pass the time when you're under house arrest: http://www.wulffmorgenthaler.com/
goyamaganda » hi tin! hows you! miss na kita sobra always take care of urself..ang payong..wag kalimutan dalhin
TheCurlyOne » Happy New Year
daMowdel » heya tin!!! hope you're doing okay merry christmas!
lingbling » tintintinin! CPNGRATULAMATIONS!!! on your bebe... hope we can catch up sometime...
angela » interesting blog...
paperbag » you never know, mei could be a gaiman kittie..
hundun » aba himala..pwede pala sa ofc to ma view..hehehe
~tin~ » van: heard from phunatik nga... what happened?! badtrip naman yun. anyhooo, i'll change your link.
van » tin cristal! changed my link..some1 hacked my account eh..
~tin~ » cute: you're welcome to dropby anytime!!!!
cute_as_ever » psst..kelan niyo ako papaputntahin sa house niyo??!
bliss weddings » hi just dropping by
lutchi » thanks like photo frames,,,anong tinakpan mo? heheheh. TC
Nita » Wow, you have a nice blog here. Hope you can visit my blog too
lutchi » blog hoppin`...nice site I did enjoyed my visit. check my houses if u have time. TC
daMowdel » Akalain mong marunong pa ko mag-bloghop! Ahaha! Im baaack!!
~ayn » nakikiraan...
goya maganda » i was here!!!! aliw ang mga posts miss you!!!
~tin~ » daMowdel / Orbital: nabubuhay ata mga bloggers ngayon a.
Orbital » Remember the days when we updated our blogs practically every night?
daMowdel » tintiiiiin!!! amishu!! mwah mwah!
paolomendoza » blog drop! nice blog.. =)
~ayn » miss yah tin! mwah!
Jheng » Hopping Happy Hearts day!
yaJ » just droppin by from irene's blog... nice site u got here... excellent writings
cute_as_ever » waaaahhh!!! namiss ko itong blog na ito!
sneaky » happy new year tin~
sneaky » happy new year tin~
goya maganda » OMG!!! you gained 20lbs!!!??? well ako..uhm..19.5..=p
~tin~ » yayen: yup! she's a friend since H.S. small world!
yayen » Hi Tin! Was browsing through your Flickr photos when I noticed Eden Natividad.. A close friend of yours? Just happens to be one of my bosses.. Congrats and Best Wishes!
~tin~ » thanks, niknok! lottie: aawww.. appreciate your comment. thanks! lin/ralphT: hi! single gurl: thanks much! hey, ish!
ish » happy wedding tin! ahihihihi
single gurl » hello, nice blog! good luck with wedded bliss!
ralphT » kamusta ka na??? haha
lin » was here ! halo there.
lottie » weeeeh u're gettin' married! congrats!!! btw u look really pretty sa iyong trial make up session. *wink*
niknok » hello! nice blog!=P
~tin~ » im baaaack!!!
surrealist » tag hehe
Carissa » *loL* im a random. my gosh your "warning" alert box scared me for a sec! i thought there was some virus on my comp agains ==;
sneaky » wow. nice to know this site is still up and running. will pin you back on mine. q''.P
billybob » hello? andyan ka pa ba?
The Doctor » oh yeah.. more pics here
The Doctor » great pics
ralphT » haha. standard kasi eto sa tabulas... kung baga, 'stock' kung sa kotse... hehe
~tin~ » ralphT: i'd love to help you. hmm... i'll try to teach you. steady ka lang jan. lysistrata: yeah. i didn't get a chance to say hi to her tho.
lysistrata » aba si summer nasa picture. hehe.
ralphT » hindi ako marunong nun e. i do not know anything about computers. haha. math pa! hehe
~tin~ » ralphT: yeah, i modified this tagboard using html. maybe u should do the same!
ralphT » nakakatuwa. ang daming pwedeng msgs sa tagboard mo!
~tin~ » melancholic mutt: nice of you to drop by. sure, will link you.
Melancholic Mutt » hey there tin! nice blog you got here. keep bloggin! (say, how about an x-link? hehehe. )
~tin~ » ralphT: hey u! trish: thanks for dropping by! cheers! ayen: long time!!!
ayen » silip-silip...
trish » hi bloghoppin... take it easy!
ralphT » dumaan ulit.... hehe
~tin~ » neng: wsup, wsup?! billybob: enjoying it very much that i had to use it on skyway. hehehehe. nabuhay ka?
billybob » taking more pix with LZ2, yay! how'd ya like it so far? u using Macro? l8r
neng » a favor of some sort [kapal ko] but it can wait
neng » wooow. amazing! woww! can't stop saying it! congrats uli! aww. it's so romantic! haha! hehe. i'll keep checking back for updates hehe. btw, i've been meaning to ask you something..
~tin~ » yanyan: halata nga e! ralphT: dropby anytime!
ralphT » daan lang...
yanyan » hi ate! hehe! tamad na ako magupdate ng blog musta naman?
~tin~ » hey, ish! miss din kita!!! kmusta na?
ish » namiss quita.. at inlab na din sha.. yahoooo
~tin~ » chilled: sometimes... me too!
chilled » I'm still hehe
~tin~ » lottie: yup, the tingirl is doing just fine. hope u r too! damowdel: oist, wsap?
daMowdel » hoy hoy hoy! hoy hoy hoy!
lottie » hi tin! been ages since i last dropped by. hope u're always doin' A-OK!
~tin~ » lysistrata / theReg: hey, hey, hey... welcome back, you two!!!
The Reg » ey! naka log in na ko!!! hahaha!! i'm back!
lysistrata » heya! im blogging again! visit my new home
~tin~ » ghe: apir! CheR: thanks, girl!
CheR » belated happy birthday!
ghe » apir!
~tin~ » aMgiNe: thanks, thanks! i think dala yan ng tumatanda. hahaha!
aMgiNe » belated hapi bday tin gurl! mukang puro reminiscing mga past entries mo ah. hehe
~tin~ » myrrh: yup! parisian15: thanks!
Parisian15 » Nice blog. Uncommon, interesting. Yep.
myrrh » happy easter!
~tin~ » ann: wla nang balak magpagupit ni RR. nagpapahaba daw siya ng buhok.
Ann » sama sa pantalan.... kailan ba kami mag haircut ni RR sa may libreng kaskas.. haha
~tin~ » logtar: thanks! ann: pupunta talaga ako sa pantalan sa weekend, sama ka?